Friday 26th July 2013

Dear diary,

I am sorry I did not write yesterday. But I will like to tell you there was a big reason behind that! I got a knock on my door at 3:00 am. My parents did not open it because they were a sleep. I was sadly not a sleep and heard the knock. At first I did not open the door since it was 3 in the morning but they kept on knocking and knocking so I ended up opening the door….

It was a group of girls from my school! They had in their hand a piece of work i produced in class, one of my best, and they ripped it right up and threw it all over me. If you are wondering how they got their hands on my work I have no idea! So I couldn’t post because I was so upset and busy because i wanted to create it again…

Anyway i am feeling much happier having this site, it makes me feel save and by your kind comments I can see there are people out there for me! I just wish this bulling will stop. Oh, and remember if you are also getting bullied as well you can make an “dear diary” account. Go to the page “you as well?” for more detail. And if you are not getting bullied but having other issues then you make an “dear diary” account as well.




Wednesday 24th July 2013 (evening)

Dear diary,

Good news, I have not got any new mean messages this evening. And because I have not got any new mean messages i found a new blog. A blog that is about fashion (I love fashion)! But it is not just the blog that is amazing, it is the blogger as well! Click here to view her site

Wednesday 24th July 2013

Dear diary,

Today early in the morning I got sent back home from hospital (YAY)! I am still not fully recovered but I am trying my best to be strong. I am still getting bullied though…

In the morning I found 14 un-read messages on my phone! All of them were by different people in my school and they were all horrible and mean…

message 1:

Uggghhh! You are better now! I bet you found some secret position s**t way to make your self get better. Can’t the nurse just kill you or something! There is no point of living coz NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!

message 2:

WARNING the next time you clever your self up in class and do well in test or anything in life then i will throw you in the river. When I say that i actually MEAN IT!

message 3:

I am going to ruin your life!

no one likes you!LOSER!

message 4:

tomorrow you have to go to central london near big ben and you have to flash! I will be waiting! If you don’t I will do it for you!

message 5:

F**k off to death

And the messages kept going on and on and on! Yesterday on my site I got a message from this random guy called tatat:


  1. tatat
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 16:20:03 [Edit]

    u wana go dating online?!?!?!?!


  2. tatat
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 16:24:11 [Edit]

    in private we can date


    • tatat
      Jul 23, 2013 @ 16:24:28 [Edit]

      just give it a try once



      As you can guess I blocked this random guy and I feel good about it! Anyway bye for now!







Tuesday 23rd July 2013 (afternoon)

Dear diary,

I am bored, still lying in hospital. It was quite a while ago when I started cutting but I have stopped. I understand this is not the way to go through bulling. I have to try my best to be strong I guess.The fact that keeps me going is that I am not the only one getting bullied. There are thousands and thousands of more…

For example Demi Lovato, who started cutting herself…

The 2 videos below are videos of this 15 year old girl getting bullied. The first video is her telling the story the second is made by someone else after she had sadly commit suicide…


Now i have to go and have my operation. Talk soon.



Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Dear diary,

I have been bullied for quite a long time. I get bullied because I am a nerd and people think this is an advantage to bully me and hurt me both physically and verbally. I also get cyber bullied. I am supposed to be at school now but I can’t because I am in hospital. Yesterday I was thrown on the ground by a group of both girls and boys they all took it in turns trying to balance on my face and to kick me. They called me all sorts of names. The teacher came rushing over and called over the ambulance. They soon called up my parents and they arrived to the hospital.

Today early in the morning i got a text saying: We were trying to kill you! We don’t want you alive. Just die NERD then you can come up with an stupid idea of yours to make you come back alive coz you are a big f**k NERD! 

I can’t take this anymore! I have done nothing to them and they are just all bulling me! So this is why I have this blog, so people can see what I am going through…